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Credible answers found for 3rd Street Dam delay

Apr 11

My my my. My colleague Monika Rehoric has been busy along with her former council members, throwing around implications in their editorials on Delco Times. Residents may not know this, but Ms. Rehoric has formed an independent group called “Media First” which is sending around campaign materials to residents in Media, running against Media Democrats. She...

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Third Street Dam debate continues, again

Sep 28

In order to get a somewhat balanced view of the last meeting, here’s articles (by this and other sites regarding Third Street Dam): Third St. Bridge discussion nears fever pitch (Delaware County Times) Media Patch report on 3rd Street Dam issue at September 20th Legislative Meetin Media, PA News report on 3rd Street Dam issue at September 20th Legislative...

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Partisan Politics rears its ugly head, again

Aug 26

I don’t generally like to get into blog wars, but when I’m attacked personally, I feel it’s important to respond. Tedman O’Hara, author of the All Things Media, PA blog, has written a post accusing me of lacking transparency and conflict of interest with the 3rd Street Dam and Friends of Glen Providence Park. While I don’t read his blog,...

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3rd Street Dam Public Meeting October 13th, 7:00 PM, Part 1: Petition, Peer Review, and Greenway

Oct 13

Borough Council held a public meeting starting at 7:00 PM to discuss the design of the 3rd Street Dam with the engineers, as a follow-up to the August meeting regarding the 3rd Street Dam. All Borough Council members were present, and John Harrison from Schnabel Engineering. No members of PennDOT or PA Department of Environmental Protection were present. Monika...

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