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Gov-PetePete Alyanakian

Vote November 3rd, 2009


My name is Pete Alyanakian; I've been your independent voice as a Media Borough Councilman since 1998 and have lived in the Media area my entire life. Everyday has been an adventure, meeting the residents, helping to solve problems and plan for the future. 

Media is a wonderful place to grow up and raise a family. Generations of families stay and make Media what it is today, a warm, safe community that offers stability and integrity.

When I started in serving politics, I realized there were two kinds of people, those who got work done for the community they serve and those that serve themselves. I took the path of looking for solutions and have followed them through until the job got done. Bringing people together around common solutions is what I have practiced for 10 years as your minority councilman. 


When I look at the future work that needs to be done, I realized, that as Mayor, I could so much more. Media is facing real challenges in the coming years. There has been real financial mismanagement that must be addressed by the new council.

We need new leadership that is not available in the Mayor's office now to tackle the financial challenges for Media to grow into a grand future. The current mayor and majority party has had many years to fix what is broken but has chosen to put off implementing recommendations that would have alleviated the financial burden we are now facing. The current leadership is too much a part of the problem and the current candidates are too inexperienced to solve the complex situation we are in. This council and mayor have been great at making grand event announcements, organizing parades, and taking credit for environmental achievements they had nothing to do with. We need council people willing to roll up the sleeves and make hard decisions is what you are electing your council people to do regardless of political affiliation.


Our current council means well and has done all it can. But, there have been problems ignored, financial crisis that could have been adverted, political cronyism that cannot be tolerated and grave legal errors that has jeopardized our future. We need council people willing to attend meetings and make decisions without regard to political impact. No matter what party the ideas come from, we need to move Media into a solvent future for our children and their children. 

Media is at a crossroads. For it to stay a great town and to help it fulfill its potential for future generations, I am asking for your vote for Mayor.



Tedman O’Hara, Toni Lee Cavanagh Dimonte, Rebecca Herbert, Dan Costello


Finance Committee Member

  • Recommended selling Old Borough Hall in 1999, 2004 and 2007 that would have netted the borough in excess of $750,000 negating at least 1 tax increase.
  • Recommended all professional consultants be put on retainer verse hourly rate saving an average of $50,000 per year for legal and engineering consultants since 2001.
  • Voted against tax increases and eliminating political patronage who has received “NO BID” contracts costing the Media tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Energy Liaison

  • Conceived and developed the “Solar Energy for Media” initiative that led to the development of 7 separate solar energy systems on the library, firehouse, borough hall, Media Elementary School, courthouse, and highway garage
  • The projects are the environmental equivalent of: not using 60 barrels of oil per year; and is the equivalent of planting 10 acres of trees per year. The solar panels save each user about $1,000.00
  • Awarded 2007 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence
  • Penn Future’s Cleanest Borough Award for purchase of wind energy 2002, and honored for Solar Energy at the Armory, 2004

Liaison to the Shade Tree Committee

  • Lead effort to beautify the Jury Parking Garage area. Developed partnership with Delaware County Council to have Shade Tree committee design and install the gardens and trees.
  • Created the garden at “The Triangle” at Providence Rd & 6th St. My family and I volunteered our time to plant flowers and shrubs that have greatly enhanced the area
  • Lead effort to beautify Borough Gateways, Shade Tree planted trees and shrubs under “Welcome to Media” signs
  • Instituted the Sidewalk Reimbursement Program which secured $5,000 grant offset the cost of repairing sidewalks damaged by trees.


    • · Media Borough Councilman, 1998-Present
    • · Adjunct Professor, Villanova University School of Engineering
    • · Delaware County Parks And Recreation, Board Member
    • · Media Youth Center, Board Member
    • · Friends Of The Media Upper Providence Free Library, Vice President
    • · Media Rugby Club, Founding Member

Paid for by the Media Borough Republican Committee, Rebecca Herbert Treasurer