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Borough Council New Leadership: Rehoric’s Email

Jul 18

Monika Rehoric responded to emails from constituents as follows (Editors note: emphasis and formatting added):

Thank you for your interest and input on this matter. I am sorry for the delay in response to you all, but I turn the computer off when dealing with weddings on a Saturday.

I truly understand your disappointment in regards to what happened on council last Thursday. The only way to answer some of your concerns is that sometimes change needs to come swift without reservation or sentimentality. As a candidate, I made a promise to you and all my constituents that I was always ready to “reach across the aisle” for a more bi-partisan coalition because I felt that it would better serve our town and community to work together for a common goal.

As a resident and business owner that has been around Media for some time, I have seen that slow change has been the premise of Borough Council if any change at all. The sentiment has always been everything is going well, so leave it be. This mindset has drawn us into an unprecedented situation regarding some very real issues for which we will be ultimately responsible for over the course of the next four years.

I have the highest regard for Peter Williamson as a person but, sometimes people are not suited to a particular role. I respect all my colleagues on council including Pete Alayankian. He has a passion and fire within him that continuously drives him to do all the best he can for Media as a whole. His determination in seeing a vibrant community and thriving business district is an inspiration. More people should talk with him directly, rather than rely on word of mouth, you might be surprised at what you hear.

We all bring to the table what we can to get the job done. I agree with you that as part of my constituency, you are concerned that I/we have a personal agenda. My/our only agenda is to keep Media moving in the right direction, and that is forward. I believed that we are all voted in on our own personal merit of who we are and how we think.

To allay any fears that I will change parties; I have no intention of doing so. However, as I have continuously stated, I do not have a ‘D” or ‘R’ stamped on my forehead. Media should never be a venue for partisan politics.

We may have shaken things up a bit by our actions, with positive reactions as well as negative ones. I can only encourage you to never be complacent and go with the flow. These are tough times across the board and even tougher decisions need to be made. We will need all the help we can get. Please stay positive.

Monika (yes it is spelled with a K)

ps (I will be on vacation this week. Do not want you think I will not respond for other reasons)