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This site is no longer being updated; contentsĀ are preserved for archival purposes.


Media, PA News covers local politics, events, and goings-on in the borough of Media, PA.

The author, Kent Davidson, served as a member of Borough Council in Media through December 2015.

My goal is to:

  • Provide concise, factual reporting of meetings and events within Media
  • Encourage debate and discussion of issues
  • Require accountability, honesty, and transparency among public officials (including myself)

Media, PA News was founded by Kent Davidson, who has lived in Media since 2006 with his wife and three children.

Comment Policy

We encourage debate on issues, but we prefer them to be based on fact. To comment on articles you must provide a valid email address, and your real first name and last initial.


  • No profanity
  • No personal attacks, and
  • Keep private information private.

If you would not say something in person, then don’t say it here either. Let’s keep Media Everybody’s Hometown, and treat each other with respect.

If you can’t abide by these rules, your comments will be deleted.

Where’s my comment?

You are sent an email when you comment the first time, and you must click a link in that email to have your comment ultimately approved. Email addresses are not published, but you’ve got to have a valid one to post here.

Writers wanted

Media, PA News is seeking talented writers on a part-time and purely volunteer basis. If you are interested in helping contribute to making Media, PA a better place, please contact:

… with your contact information and some of your ideas.