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OPINION: Wealth Inequality in America – An eye opening video

Dec 09

Wealth Discrepancy in America

This video shows some disturbing discrepancies in wealth in the United States. I found it interested, and in many ways it’s appropriate at this time of year when we should consider the neediest and give to our fellow humans. In my opinion, the wealth discrepancy in the United States has shifted in the past 30 years, largely due to the dismantling of anti-trust...

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Delaware County 2014 Budget includes a 2.8% tax increase

Nov 04

Ouch. A one-two punch in the juevos to the Republican-controlled county government. The day before a highly-contested County election, the Delco Times comes out with this headline: Delaware County’s 2014 preliminary budget includes 2.8 percent tax increase That’s not going to help the GOP in the election tomorrow. MEDIA — The preliminary draft of...

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EDITORIAL: Political Decision Making: Your Right to Vote

Oct 30

In yet another year of in-fighting in Washington, political dysfunction and tales of gloom and doom, it is important to remember to vote in local elections, especially this off-year.  In reality, all political change occurs at the local level and oftentimes it is the neighbors we elect who have the most impact on our lives in the form of taxes, recreation areas,...

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Media has become something of a rarity: Article

Aug 19

Great article by writer Allison Steele from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Is it the “End of the Suburbs?”: But according to the research in Gallagher’s new book, The End of the Suburbs, Media has become something of a rarity: a community that still resembles what couples hope for when they move to the suburbs. Published today in the print edition,...

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OPINION: What we can learn from flight delays

May 01

OPINION: What we can learn from flight delays

by Meredith Small, Pennsylvania Fair Share This warrants some notice: Congress got something done in less than a week. After the deep, across the board sequester cuts crippled air traffic control, flights were delayed, which was highly irritating and inconvenient. Congress caved quickly to airlines and travelers. While I’m all for on-time planes, flight delays...

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Credible answers found for 3rd Street Dam delay

Apr 11

My my my. My colleague Monika Rehoric has been busy along with her former council members, throwing around implications in their editorials on Delco Times. Residents may not know this, but Ms. Rehoric has formed an independent group called “Media First” which is sending around campaign materials to residents in Media, running against Media Democrats. She...

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