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Delaware County 2014 Budget includes a 2.8% tax increase

Nov 04

Ouch. A one-two punch in the juevos to the Republican-controlled county government. The day before a highly-contested County election, the Delco Times comes out with this headline:

Delaware County’s 2014 preliminary budget includes 2.8 percent tax increase

That’s not going to help the GOP in the election tomorrow.

MEDIA — The preliminary draft of Delaware County’s 2014 budget calls for a 2.8 percent tax hike, according to a memo county Executive Director Marianne Grace recently presented to Delaware County Council.

The overall proposed $336-million spending plan includes a millage rate of 5.604 mills, which is an increase of .152 mills or 2.8 percent compared to 2013’s rate.“The proposed millage rate would equate to an annual take increase of approximately $20.40 for the average homeowner,” Grace said in the memo to County Council Chairman Tom McGarrigle.

Grace was not available for comment Monday, but McGarrigle said the proposed tax increase is higher than what council thought it would be.

I love the line, “was higher than what council thought it would be.” Perhaps when I write my tax check this year I’ll write it for what I think it should be.

Read the original on the Daily Times website.