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EDITORIAL: Political Decision Making: Your Right to Vote

Oct 30

In yet another year of in-fighting in Washington, political dysfunction and tales of gloom and doom, it is important to remember to vote in local elections, especially this off-year.  In reality, all political change occurs at the local level and oftentimes it is the neighbors we elect who have the most impact on our lives in the form of taxes, recreation areas,...

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FINAL: Media, PA Primary Election Results 2013

May 21

The unofficial election results for Media, PA voting precincts, and county and statewide races. Results are tallied and 92% reported at time of writing. Media Borough Council The Media First team was decisively defeated by the Media Democratic Team, by a margin of 3 to 1. These results are unofficial. Delaware County Media Borough election results do not include...

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Third Street Dam debate continues, again

Sep 28

In order to get a somewhat balanced view of the last meeting, here’s articles (by this and other sites regarding Third Street Dam): Third St. Bridge discussion nears fever pitch (Delaware County Times) Media Patch report on 3rd Street Dam issue at September 20th Legislative Meetin Media, PA News report on 3rd Street Dam issue at September 20th Legislative...

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Partisan Politics rears its ugly head, again

Aug 26

I don’t generally like to get into blog wars, but when I’m attacked personally, I feel it’s important to respond. Tedman O’Hara, author of the All Things Media, PA blog, has written a post accusing me of lacking transparency and conflict of interest with the 3rd Street Dam and Friends of Glen Providence Park. While I don’t read his blog,...

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Vote in the Spring Primary, April 24th

Apr 24

Well, spring is in the air and so that means it must be Primary Election time. For Republicans watching the national election and wishing to see Obama replaced with their candidate, tomorrow is your day. For Democrats, the primary marks a few choices in terms of who will run in the national election in November. Read the entire election ballot on the Delaware County...

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