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FINAL: Media, PA Primary Election Results 2013

May 21

The unofficial election results for Media, PA voting precincts, and county and statewide races. Results are tallied and 92% reported at time of writing.

Media Borough Council

The Media First team was decisively defeated by the Media Democratic Team, by a margin of 3 to 1. These results are unofficial. Delaware County Media Borough election results do not include write-ins – these do.

Note that Monika Rehoric, Jim Cunningham, Sam Lemon, and Bill Tyson won the write-in vote on the Republican ballot, so they are still “in the race.”

The votes in the democratic primary were as follows:

Candidate North South East West Totals
TYSON, Bill (Media First) 63 42 88 40 233
CUNNINGHAM JR, James J. (Media First) 59 38 81 39 217
BOYER, Kevin (Media Democrats) 100 139 211 140 590
JOHNSON, Lisa (Media Democrats) 107 139 218 143 607
REHORIC, Monika (Media First) 57 30 70 38 195
LEMON, Sam (Media First) 72 30 76 38 216
DIXON, Sayre (Media Democrats) 116 128 198 140 582
JOHNSON, Amy (Media Democrats) 113 127 213 141 594

Additional county-wide races can be found online here.

School Director Races

No surprises, Republicans won their director race, and Democratic candidates won theirs. Should be an interesting fight in November. Delaware County School District results.

  • Republican: Linda L. Fox (1767), Tracy Brown Barusevicius (1468), John Nee (689), Harry L. Postles (1477), Jim Coyne (527), Nancy R. Mackrides (1452), Janet M. Lis (386), Meghan Suttle (375)
  • Democrat: Janet M. Lis (1327), Harry L. Postles (234), Meghan Suttle (1147), Nancy R. Mackrides (452), Jim Coyne (1169), Linda L. Fox (381), John Nee (1070), Tracy Brown Barusevicius (240)

Judge of the Superior Court

PA State election returns for Superior Court:

  • Republican: Vic Stabile ran unopposed, and won with 370,723 votes.
  • Democrat: Jack McVay Jr. (276,859) won over Joseph C. Waters (219,330)

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

PA State Judge of the Court of Common Pleas election returns. Republican candidates and Democratic candidates won their respective primaries. Of note was a slightly weaker vote for Steve Chanenson with a 2:1 victory compared with Nancy A. Walker with a 4:1 victory in the Democratic primary.

  • Republican: William Chip Mackrides (17,781), Steve Chanenson (7,202), Nancy A Walker (5,144), Rickard M. Cappelli (15,363)
  • Democrat: William Chip Mackrides (3,929), Nancy A Walker (11,153), Steve Chanenson (6,981), Rickard M. Cappelli (3,084)

Magisterial District Judge

In the November Election, it will be Toni Cavanagh Dimonte (R) against Deborah Krull (D):

  • Republican: Toni Cavanagh Dimonte (winner with 278 votes), Louis Martini (212), Deborah Krull (100), Lisa Haly (138)
  • Democrat: Deborah Krull (winner with 1309 votes), Lisa Haly (423), Louis Martini (54), Toni Cavanagh Dimonte (92)

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and congratulations to the voters who came out.

As long as people are active and vote, our democracy will continue to work!

One comment

  1. Bridget O. /

    I have been looking for results — the county hasn’t posted anything yet!
    But I am thrilled that the Media Democrats have proven themselves smarter than the shifty Me First Republicans. I hope this discourages them from trying anything like this again!
    Thanks for all the efforts of Media Democrats and congrats to the candidates. Onward!