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Third Street Dam debate continues, again

Sep 28

In order to get a somewhat balanced view of the last meeting, here’s articles (by this and other sites regarding Third Street Dam):

Co-chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee on the Third Street Dam, Terry Rumsey and former co-chair Sam Lemon (who unexpectedly resigned during the committee’s tenure) trade arguments:

Finally, Tedman O’Hara, head of the Media Republican Party reported today that a Contempt of Court complaint has been filed by Broomall’s Lake Country Club today against Media Borough.

Read more about the Citizens Advisory Committee here, and review their final report and meeting minutes for context:


  1. Eric C. MacDonald, Ed.D. /

    I am mystified by the decision to make the road one-way with a biking/walking path. If one actually visits the site, you would see there is no connecting sidewalk on either side of the bridge and it is at the bottom of two steep hills. Only intrepid bikers are going to use such a path and where is the safety of a walking path to nowhere? At least the borough should include the cost of sidewalks to connect the bridge to the rest of the borough…

  2. Michael Jordan /

    “No State shall…pass any…law impairing the obligation of contracts…”

    –The Constitution of the United States of America, Article 1, Section 10

    (“A legal agreement is, by definition, a contract. And under the Constitution of the United States, a contract is sacred.)

    –The Power Broker, Robert Caro, p. 624

  3. Michael – I’m unsure what you’re implying but, let’s be fair here – we have not passed any laws “impairing the obligation of contracts.” BLCC disputes the interpretation of a legal agreement signed by them and us last year. The courts will decide whether their interpretation is valid.

  4. Michael Jordan /

    Thank you, Kent, for letting me post on your blog. It is just a shame the borough has to be going back to court one more time. 17 years now and counting–as Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along.”

  5. Michael – I’m not sure what happened but your email was validated. We’ve implemented a new policy to avoid anonymous comments – you must have a valid email address, and we request a real first name and last initial. I think too often people say things anonymously that they wouldn’t say in person, and that’s not what Media is about. The updated comment policy is here.