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Free Workshop: Bring Green Energy Practices Home

Sep 16

Free Workshop: Bring Green Energy Practices Home

Delaware County residents can learn how to save energy and conserve water through a series of free workshops being offered through the Delaware County Conservation District.

The Delaware County Conservation District is partnering with the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) to offer a series of free, educational workshops aimed at helping residents establish environmentally friendly practices in the home and work place.

The workshops, titled “Bringing Green Energy Home” and “We All Live Downstream” are funded through two grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Education Grants Program. The first series of workshops on “Bringing Green Energy Home” will take place this fall, starting on Sept. 16. The second series, titled “We All Live Downstream,” will be scheduled in spring 2011. For information about either program, residents can call the Delaware County Conservation District at (610) 892-9484 or visit