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Media Borough Council Meeting Votes: October 21st, 2010

Oct 02

Here are the issue which matter to Media Residents which took place tonight, October 21st, 2010, at the Media Borough Council meeting:

  • There was a public hearing and, later, a vote to which allowed retail stores to exist on State Street between Orange and Lemon Streets
  • Unanimous approval of repairs of the crosswalk at the north side of Jackson and State Streets, contingent on work being completed before November 19th, and the money being taken from the excavation budget, additional funds from the paving budget.
  • Issues related to 1 West State Street:
    • In order to alleviate the confusion around flip-flop votes regarding 1 West State Street, I asked
      • Jim Cunningham
      • Pete Alyanakian
      • Monika Rehoric
    • Why they voted against the sale/lease of 1 West State Street in March, but for it in August/September. Their responses:
      • Monika Rehoric: Unfortunately, this was left at a standstill because she didn’t recall voting against it in March. (Download the minutes here from the Borough Website) I did explain the context of the vote (sale and lease of 1 West State Street) but decided not to pursue an argument.
      • Jim Cunningham and Pete Alyanakian both reiterated their position that they believed the borough shouldn’t be involved in the leasing of real estate.

Other votes which may be relevant to you:

  • Cocco’s Pizza:
    • Discussion of making Radnor Street one way, potentially?
  • Work by Jim Cunningham to improve signage at West 3rd Street and Lemon to improve markers and signage to mitigate traffic issues at this intersection (the approval of a stop sign was not approved)

More next month!