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Acrymax: Making Philadelphia and Media Greener

Nov 08

Acrymax: Making Philadelphia and Media Greener

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The RetroFIT Philly project selected Acrymax® elastomeric coatings as the reflective coating system for cool roofing in “The Coolest Block” contest. The contest, sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company, the Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia (ECA), and the City of Philadelphia, chose the 1200 block of Wolf Street out of dozens of neighborhoods to receive a host of energy efficiency improvements.

Included in the energy efficient improvements for the contest are “cool” white roofs. Acrymax coatings provide many benefits over the roofing systems typically used on Philadelphia row homes. In addition to the obvious white reflective benefits, elastomeric technology allows Acrymax coatings to expand and contract without the danger of cracking, even in temperatures as low as -30° F. The coating forms a durable, cost-effective membrane that is UV Stable and highly resistant to airborne contaminants thus providing protection to the exiting roof.

In addition to being chosen for these high performance properties, Acrymax coatings were selected because of long term relationships with DOW and ECA. These relationships have been built around a history of successful projects. Acrymax is also a local company, based less than 15 miles outside of Center City Philadelphia.

The 1200 block of Wolf Street is a typical Philadelphia residential block made up entirely of row homes. This interconnection of homes is a microcosmic look at the interdependence of neighborhoods on a macro scale within the city of Philadelphia. Liz Robinson, executive director of ECA has said, “We feel this effort can be a blueprint for bringing communities together in the interest of saving energy and improving quality of life.”

Philadelphia is making a concerted effort to become America’s greenest city. In addition to programs like this, Mayor Michael Nutter recently signed into law an initiative which requires all new commercial and residential construction to include cool roofs.

Acrymax Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to developing and marketing high-performance coating systems for use in the construction, industrial, aerospace and OEM markets. Specializing in elastomeric materials, the privately held company has been custom-engineering coating system solutions for customers since 1951.