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Media Borough Legislative Meeting Votes August 18th, 2011: Hampton Inn and recycling days stay

Aug 18

Media Borough Council convened at 7:31 PM on Thursday, August 18th for their regular legislative session. Peter Williamson was absent from the meeting.

Hampton Inn receives final approval

In a 5 to 1 vote, with Jim Cunningham (R) as the sole dissenting vote, the Hampton Inn received final approval for the hotel to build in the lot behind Rite Aid on Baltimore Pike.

See the embedded street view map to see where the building will be built:

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Jim Cunningham made a statement that his opposition to this project was one of the primary reasons he chose to run for public office and stated that it was, in his opinion, the reason why he was elected.

Monica Simpson said that the borough’s duty was to weigh the impact of the project on all 5,000 residents over the impact the project would have over the nearby residents. She also stated that a Wawa or a restaurant could have been placed at the site without any zoning relief, and felt that once the project was done, it would be positive for the neighborhood.

Eric Stein also added that having a hotel in Media would make Media more of a destination town, and it would help residents and businesses alike.

Jim Cunningham finished by saying that larger projects such as this should require a traffic study, as his concern was for traffic on Beatty Road and Providence Road.

The land development application was approved with a minor change to the 31 terms and conditions, which would allow funds paid from the development company to restore the roadway on Beatty Road to be dispersed after construction was complete, to avoid fixing the road before construction trucks used it. It was a reasonable request, according to Robert Scott, Borough Solicitor.

Recycling Days stay

Pete Alyanakian, in a concession to recycling collection firm J.P. Mascaro and Sons, made a motion to move recycling pickup from Tuesdays and Thursdays to Wednesdays starting January 1st, 2012.

The issue had been postponed last legislative meeting to be put before the Environmental Advisory Committee (of which Mr. Alyanakian is the liaison), who, according to Mr. Alyanakian “didn’t have a problem with it.” He stated that there was no cost savings to the borough to make the change.

Jim Cunningham stated he was opposed to the change, as did Eric Stein. Monica Simpson also voiced her opposition stating that placing trash on the street three days a week would be unsightly, as well as an inconvenience for all of the residents. She also stated that under contract Mascaro had committed to two days a week.

The vote was taken and was defeated according to Mr. Alyanakian, however the votes of Monica Rehoric and Dawn Roe were unclear, as no roll call was taken.

Of interest

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 will be commemorated with a moment of silence at 1PM on 9/11/2011, and includes a series of events in churches around town, and by Delaware County events at Rose Tree Park.

The liquor license for Spasso’s was unanimously approved with the following terms dictated by the borough:

  • 65% of sales food, 35% from liquor
  • No take out liquor sales
  • All liquor codes must be followed
  • No sale or transfer of the license without Borough Council approval
  • No exterior advertisements for alcohol

Eric Stein stated that the Media Upper-Providence Library is seeking business sponsors for their listing in Fig Media‘s brochure.

Other business, unanimous

All other business at the meeting was unanimously voted for by all members present:

  • An addendum to the borough policy to rebate up to 50% of sidewalk costs to residents whose sidewalks are disturbed by shade trees
  • Mass Gathering Permit for Abounding Grace Family Worship Center Youth A.L.I.V.E. J.A.M. Weekend, this Saturday August 20th, 2011
  • Mass Gathering permit for the Media Business Authority‘s 31st Annual Media Food and Crafts Festival on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
  • Media’s mid-year budget update shows revenues on track and expenses below expectations
  • Bid awarded for $236,540 to Joe E. Sucher and Sons for 2011 paving projects
  • Payment of Bills for July
  • Minutes from prior meetings were approved
  • Approval to apply for $35,000 in additional grant money for Media’s comprehensive plan as part of the Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI)

The meeting ended after 1 hour an 18 minutes.