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Rose Tree Media School District Election Results

Nov 09

Republicans William J. O’Connell, John Hanna, Nancy Fronduti, Media resident Chris Guilday, and Elizabeth Schneider appear to have won the Rose Tree Media School district election by a margin of 66 votes over their Democratic counterparts.

Elizabeth Schneider and William J. O’Donnell received the most votes due to the nature of the voting ballot which placed their names twice on the ballot, on the Democratic column as well as the Republican column. They received a vote for straight party voting Democratic as well as straight party voting Republican.

Janet M. Lis, the top Democratic vote-getter, received 3,656 votes – only 66 votes short of Media resident and newcomer Chris P. Guilday who received 3,722 votes.

The 2011 Delaware County School Board election results as posted do not include absentee, provisional, and write-in votes and are “un-official.”

Congratulations to the new school board, and to all candidates who ran a great race.