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Nativity B.V.M.’s small change makes a big difference for the Great Guys Group

Mar 08

PRESS RELEASE: Media, PA, March 8, 2012 ─ Nativity B.V.M. school students are putting their spare change to good use thanks to the big hearts of the 6th grade class. For the next two weeks, students are competing from Pre-K to 8th grade to see what class can collect the most change in order to win a dress-down day.

“The students took a vote and all the money collected will be donated to the Great Guys Group organization,” said Maryanne Johnston, school principal. “Our school mission is to teach our children to be responsible, respectful and enthusiastic within our communities, and I believe this activity supports all three.”

Great Guys Group is a non-profit organization that helps alleviate the burdens of cancer by providing a light of hope to families through emotional and financial support. Great Guys does this by paying household bills for families in the Greater Philadelphia Area while they are going through treatment. “We were very touched when we heard the news,” said Paul Isenberg, Founder of Great Guys Group.  “For these kids to know that they will make a difference in someone’s life because of this fun activity … words just cannot express our gratitude.”

As an added incentive, all coins collected will be matched by the Home Helpers (Media office) and Home Helpers (Drexel Hill offices).  “When my daughter Megan told us about the coin competition, we knew this was a win-win for everyone,” said Tom Carroll, President of the Media office.  “And quite honestly, it doesn’t hurt to turn up the heat for some healthy competition!”

Every day, students unload their pockets into the designated jars, and the jars are tallied at the end of the day. At the end of the two weeks, the winning class will present a representative from Great Guys Group with the check. “How blessed we are to see our students put into action their desire to serve those who need our assistance and prayers!” said Johnston.