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Vote scheduled tonight on the 3rd Street Dam

May 17

Tonight Media Borough Council will be planning on voting on the direction to communicate with PennDOT regarding the 3rd Street Dam project during our Legislative Meeting.

The meeting will start at 8:00 PM in Borough Council Chambers at 301 N. Jackson Street in Media, PA. We have been called into executive session at 7:00 PM for reasons which will be disclosed by President Hall at the meeting.

I encourage any and all interested parties to attend the meeting and hear our decision.

I hope that at this meeting tonight I can shed some light on a few misconceptions regarding the project, talk about the types of issues we are facing as we move forward, and discuss my thought process in coming to the decision we face this evening.

I would personally prefer to have a open conversation with residents, and will request of our President the ability to speak about this project prior to Public Comment and Privilege of the Floor, and before any legislative action is taken. It is my opinion that many questions and comments I have heard from residents will be answered, and that the dialogue can continue as we move forward.

As always, an active participation of the public is what makes Media Borough a great place to live. I hope to see many familiar faces this evening, and I will be posting my public comments on this blog afterwards.


Kent Davidson
Media Borough Council