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Media Borough Council approves video archiving on YouTube

Oct 17

I am pleased to announce that Media Borough Council tonight approved the archival of legislative meetings for use on YouTube. Dr. Eric Stein, chair of the Technology Committee, made the announcement at the legislative meeting. Residents can find the videos, archived from January 2012 forward, located on the Media Borough YouTube channel. Videos should be available typically within a week or two after the meeting.

The good news is that this gives residents more options to learn about what Media Borough Council is doing. The Technology committee is also working on digital streaming of meetings as well, hopefully available in the coming months.

Note that this added benefit to Media Residents come at almost no added cost; the only cost is an hour of borough staff’s time to upload the videos when ready.

[Editor’s Note: Kent Davidson, the author, is a member of Borough Council and also a member of the Technology Committee.]