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Media, PA: Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Oct 30

Media Borough appeared to weather Hurricane Sandy with relative lack of major damage. Hopefully most residents were able to make it through without issues. In Western district we never lost power at all, which was unusual. Some residents in the eastern and northern precincts were without power, and reports have come in that power has been restored to North Jackson Street and other neighborhoods.

As of the morning of October 30th, 2012, four traffic signals are down:

  • Baltimore and Manchester
  • Baltimore and Radnor
  • Baltimore and Providence Road, and
  • State Road and Providence Road

The highway department has placed temporary stop signs until electricity has been restored. PECO has been notified and is working first on the stoplights, then on the residential power issues.

Our highway department and public safety departments have been working diligently to clean up much of the debris and clean away broken limbs from trees. In addition, residents should note:

It is times like this that the support from our municipal services and we owe them a great thanks for their tireless service. The Public Works department, Fire Department, Emergency services, and Police Department have all worked tirelessly during the storm; I am personally grateful for their service.

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