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Public Meeting: Contribute to Media’s Comprehensive Plan

Apr 10

Public Meeting: Contribute to Media’s Comprehensive Plan


Come to a public meeting at the Media Municipal Center on April 10, 2013 at 7PM to contribute to Media’s Comprehensive Plan. Also, stay tuned to for an upcoming public survey.

This year, Media Borough is developing what is called the Comprehensive Plan, a document which is updated every 10 years and outlines the recommendations for zoning and planning within Media Borough. It provides guidelines used by both Borough Council and by the Planning Commission when addressing new development and how to deal with existing development as issues arise. It is also a planning document which guides capital improvements, land acquisitions, and infrastructure improvements.

In short, it is a summary of the values and vision of the town of Media for the next ten years.

The Comprehensive Plan is being developed by a planning consultant Simone-Collins in conjunction with the Delaware County Planning Department. Delaware County co-sponsored the development with a grant. The Comprehensive Plan is part of the Community Development Committee of which I am a member.

As part of the development of the comprehensive plan, Borough Council has appointed a Comprehensive Plan Task Force. Borough Council appointed all applicants, a total of 11 members, in our February legislative meeting.

As with most borough meetings, all meetings are open to the public, and the group meets every month on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00PM.

If you have ideas about how Media should be developed in the next ten years, your comments would be welcome.

At the April 2nd meeting, the following themes were discussed:

  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) – Developing apartments near train stations, basically.
  • Train, Trolly and Bus – How do we address land use near our public transportation?
  • Bicycle – Does Media need bike routes? Are we willing to compromise parking for bike lanes?
  • Motor Vehicles – Accidents… where do they occur, how do we change zoning to better prevent them? Parking! How do we improve parking in the Borough?

I hope to see you at the next Comprehensive Plan meeting, and if not:

  • The Comprehensive Plan Task Force will be posting a public survey shortly for all of the public to respond to which will guide the comprehensive plan. Keep an eye on  for upcoming announcements, or stay tuned here.
  • Come to our meetings! All meetings are open and public, and your feedback is welcome!
Flyer for the upcoming public meeting. (Click to enlarge)

Flyer for the upcoming public meeting. (Click to enlarge)