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3rd Street Dam Questions and Answers

Apr 24

The Media Democratic Committee posted a pretty comprehensive Question and Answer document on the Third Street Dam and its history.

The piece is somewhat long, but answers the following questions from their point of view. Interesting read, and appears to be pretty factual.

  • What’s the general timeline for events surrounding Broomall’s Dam?
  • Why has it taken so long?
  • Why did Media Borough sue Broomall’s Lake Country Club and Delaware County in 2006?
  • What’s the problem with ownership?
  • Why can’t you just remove the dam and restore the stream?
  • What was the Stipulation and Order?
  • What were the benefits of the Stipulation and Order?
  • What were the criticisms of the Stipulation and Order?
  • Why did Council vote to put in a one-way road with one lane?
  • What was the most recent legal action, and what effect did it have?
  • Why didn’t Media Borough Council accept the negotiations of Broomall’s Lake Country Club during the Contempt of Court proceedings?
  • What’s the current status?
  • Is Borough Council holding up this process?
  • I’ve heard that we’re going to lose this money – is that true?
  • What’s the situation with the lake?
  • Can we have a road with no lake?