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Media Garage closed Saturday, April 27th 8-2PM

Apr 27

Media Garage closed Saturday, April 27th 8-2PM

Media Borough will be closing the Municipal Parking Garage tomorrow, Saturday, April 27th, from 8AM until 2PM. The Borough Engineer scheduled the maintenance for a weekend so it would impact local businesses and workers in Media the least. There will be signage to direct people to alternate parking locations in Media.

As part of the maintenance of this structure, Media Borough has budgeted approximately $125,000 to repair this structure this year, with additional funds to be allocated in the next two years. The total investment will be on the order of $375,000 over three years and will actually save Media Borough several millions of dollars by extending the life of our parking structure for up to 20 years.

Entrace of Media Municipal Parking Garage with blue skies above, red DO NOT ENTER sign and clearance 6FT 11IN sign

Media Municipal Parking-Garage is closed Saturday, April 27th until 2PM

Also part of the parking structure updates will be electronic parking meter upgrades which will make paying for parking simpler (allowing credit cards, cash, and – possibly – smart cards) and will also reduce labor costs for enforcement.

Any questions regarding this project can be directed to the Borough Manager, Jeff Smith who can forward to the Properties Committee (Monica Simpson, Chair), or the borough engineer.