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EVENT: Transition Jam Saturday, August 24, 5-10PM

Aug 24

EVENT: Transition Jam Saturday, August 24, 5-10PM


RELEASE – Transition Town Media will host its 2nd annual creek-side community picnic and music event in Ridley Creek State Park, 281 W Bishop Hollow Rd, Media, on Saturday, August 24th, from 5-10pm.

Whether you consider yourself an accomplished musician, a beginner, or not musical at all, we can all join to make music together. Music is an ancient way to celebrate and bring people together and that’s what the TRANSITION JAM is all about. Everyone can be a creator of music, so tune up your tom-toms, your tenor, or your toes and join in!

  • Please bring musical instruments or household items that you can use to make music
  • If you can, please bring your inspiration and lead the group in your communal music vision – we can sing your favorite song, do call and response, share a round, inspire a rhythmic improvisation, make an instrument from scratch, or read a music poem that speaks to you
  • And bring your musical self! Even if you think it might be in hibernation. If you’re willing to clap or tap, you’re a musician tonight!

The intention is to encourage everyone of join in to create music together. We invite the sharing of all types of musical gifts and inspiration, but encourage you to remember that we want to welcome all to participate. The evening should entertain, inspire, and remind all of us that we can produce beautiful music regardless of our experience, training, or natural talents.

Bring a blanket or chairs to sit in, a dish to share, non-alcoholic drinks for yourself (water will be provided), bring the kids, and come with bells on! We’ll be right next to Ridley Creek so be prepared to enjoy the water. For more information, contact us at