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Happiness Week in Media

Apr 24

RELEASE – It’s official! April 22-27 is Happiness Week in Media Borough. Mayor Robert McMahon has issued an official proclamation, setting the stage for a week filled with fun activities for everyone. Transition Town Media is the primary organizer of Happiness Week but many organizations have been involved in creating events.

Happiness Week is part of an international movement to build well-being and community spirit. “Encouraging people to share fun activities is a positive motivation that is spreading around the world and we wanted to bring it to our hometown,” says Dr. Joni Carley, director of Essential Commons, and one of the originators of Happiness Week. “It’s even more meaningful now that the endless winter has finally gone. We all need our spirits lifted!”

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday the 24th:  Media Friends School will host a screening of the movie, “Happy”
  • Friday the 25th:  A Happy How-To Workshop will be held at the Borough Building,
  • Saturday the 26th:  a wealth of fun on State Street (see information below about Flash Mob dancing event)
  • Sunday the 27th:  Greater Media Play Day at Rose Tree Park

Happiness Week will have you dancing in the streets – literally.  A Flash Mob dancing to the Happy Song will gather on State Street on Friday, April 25. Anyone interested in joining the Flash Mob can learn the dance routine by watching a video at:

All are welcome to join the Happiness Singers who will perform 5 upbeat songs at various locations throughout the week. To sign up or for more info:

And there’s much, much more! To see all the Happiness Week activities, visit: and get happy!

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