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Media Borough coup d’état explanation: Cunningham

Aug 30

Media Borough coup d’état explanation: Cunningham

Part 5 of a 7: Outlining the recent changes in Media Borough Council. (Part 1: Introduction, Part 2: Ms. Rehoric, Part 3: Ms. Roe, Part 4: Mr. Alyanakian)

James Cunningham was vocal and active throughout the meeting but his primary comments regarding the new “coalition” addressed why the three other members were not notified:

“The issues were very clear amongst all the members about what the problems were. We came in here feeling it was time to take a new direction and a clean cut direction and that’s exactly what we did. We weren’t going to get into endless discussion and debate about who struck John. We had to move forward and we did… And it was felt amongst four of us, that the time had come for a new direction and we moved forward on it. Which is interesting … because at the time, we were developing these points of view … what do we find out that his honor the mayor is calling around talking to council people saying, Gee, is there anything we can do to get some new leadership on this council… Surprise surprise… It’s happened at least three times, and Bob McMahon‘s fingerprints are on the last one and the prior one… back in 1984.”

While Mr. Alyanakian only implied that Mayor Bob McMahon had prompted the coup d’état, Mr. Cunningham goes one step further in his implication of Mr. McMahon.

So, both Republicans on the Media Borough Council implicate Mayor Bob McMahon as being “behind” this movement.

Tomorrow: What about Bob?