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Media Borough coup d’état explanation: Rehoric is not a Democrat

Aug 24

Media Borough coup d’état explanation: Rehoric is not a Democrat

Part 2 of 7: Outlining the recent changes in Media Borough Council. (Part 1: Introduction.)

I asked Ms. Rehoric why she voted to oust Mr. Williamson and vote in Mr. Alyanakian and for Ms. Rehoric to comment, specifically on this quote from an email she sent to my wife:

“The sentiment has always been everything is going well, so leave it be. This mindset has drawn us into an unprecedented situation regarding some very real issues for which we will be ultimately responsible for over the course of the next four years.”

I asked, what is “an unprecedented situation regarding some very real issues?”

Monika Rehoric explained that she felt marginalized in her new role on Borough Council. Specifically, she “was on committees that had no relevance to us”, and that she “tried to make suggestions and [was] pooh-poohed.” As well, she was “told as if I’m a child that we have things under control … I didn’t get elected to do nothing.”

When I pressed her about specifics regarding the “unprecedented situation”, her reply was about the third street bridge taking 13 years to get completed.

I asked, specifically, what was she unable to do in the past six months that she could do now? Rehoric replied:

“Well, at least I have a voice now. Someone is going to take me seriously.”

So, Rehoric felt “nothing was getting done”, which in 6 months given the snail’s pace of government, is a little unreasonable. Both Monica Simpson and Eric Stein disagreed with this statement at the meeting.

Other explanations:

  • She elected herself (with the coalition) Vice President of Borough Council.
  • She and Ms. Roe are now the “swing voters” between the 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans.
  • Both Roe and Rehoric have more influence over Mr. Alyanakian. Alyanakian owes her his position, without her support (or Ms. Roe’s), he could be ousted again.

Sounds reasonable enough, no? Unfortunately, I think the real reason is:

  • Rehoric is more aligned with Republican values than she lets on.

Not convinced? During the five minute recess, Ms. Rehoric and Mr. Cunningham had a conversation which was caught on microphone and broadcast over public access cable as follows:

Rehoric: “No matter what I said … people are going to disagree with me …”

Cunningham: “Listen, don’t for five minutes think that what you saw here represents the people of the borough …”

Rehoric: “I was dyin’ to say … that 51% of Republicans actually out-voted the Democrats. So technically… the Republicans voted me in.

On a live broadcast, Rehoric is caught saying that she believes she was voted into office by Republicans.

No need to be dyin’ to say it: You got to say it, thanks! And according to your old “party”:

Media democratic Council candidates Monica Simpson, Dawn Roe, Monika Rehoric and Eric Stein were swept into office by margins of 30-40%.

I’ll leave it to the reader to ask why, then, did she run under the Democratic ticket?

I’ll give you a hint: She wouldn’t be in office otherwise.

The real damage

Let’s face it: People change political parties all of the time. Our senator, Arlen Specter, was once a Republican, and is now a Democrat, a switch which he as paid for by losing the Democratic Primary this spring. Perchance this is a foreshadowing for these two women on Borough Council.

The truth of the matter is that Media has historically (in the past 20 years) been a town run by Democrats. In order to win election to Borough Council, it is painfully obvious that you need to be aligned with the Democratic party.

The two Republicans on borough council are well known and have been active on borough council since the 80’s and 90’s. But Ms. Rehoric and Ms. Roe were relatively unknown in the last election, and so the assistance of the Democratic Party label is hard to dispute.

Hence it becomes quite a betrayal when Ms. Rehoric voted against her “own party,” and offered little explanation as to why. According to Ms. Rehoric’s email:

“To allay any fears that I will change parties; I have no intention of doing so. However, as I have continuously stated, I do not have a ‘D’ or ‘R’ stamped on my forehead.”

The real damage done here is to the Media Democratic Party, and to the voters who trusted Ms. Rehoric.

I hope that Ms. Rehoric, if she chooses to run again, will do us all a favor and remove the “D” stamped next to her name on that ballot, and be honest about her affiliation, whether that’s an “I” or an “R.” If  Ms. Rehoric is trying to create “better government”, then this is a pathetic way to go about it.

And if you think this is just about Ms. Rehoric, you are dead wrong.

Tomorrow: Ms. Roe‘s response.


  1. Larry M /

    I think you are doing a great job of providing a clear and detailed account of what has transpired over the last month in Media Politics. Thanks for doing this. I look forward to the upcoming posts.

  2. funkymama /

    What Larry said! Well put, Kent…thanks for your concise explanation and level-headedness about all of this nonsense.

  3. Deuce /

    Nothing worse in life when IT guys turn into investigators

  4. Larry M /

    Come on now, Deuce. Say something meaningful. Everything presented here is pretty straight forward.

  5. David J. Palmer /

    Ms. Rehoric has her payoff with her VicePresidency.
    She is in fact almost incidental, a small ego in the spot light till the next election sweeps her under the political carpet.
    What is FAR more important then the bloated ego of a passing player on Media’s political scene is the tragic consequences of the financial obligations Ms. Rehoric and her Republican cabal will saddle the citizens with.
    I fear we are going to be locked into sole and entire obligation for the 3rd Street Dam.