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Meehan and Lentz Debate – Closing statements Fact Check

Oct 05

Meehan and Lentz Debate – Closing statements Fact Check

If you were unable to see the Meehan – Lentz debates live, you can see their closing statements, unedited on YouTube.

The crux of each candidates points are summarized as follows:

Bryan Lentz:

  • “The truth is … you can not cut taxes for millionaires and reduce the deficit.”
  • “The truth is … that we are not going to create jobs here in the United States if we continue tax policies that encourage the shipment of jobs overseas.”
  • “The truth is … that we must invest in education, so we have a trained work force, so that people have a path in the middle class.”
  • We must invest in our infrastructure.
  • You can not do this, if on the campaign trail, you promise tax cuts to rich people and tax cuts for corporations.
  • Says that Meehan and Christine O’Donnell are both endorsed by the Tea Party
  • Expressed his opinions about Meehan:
    • Says Meehan has been a “politician for 30 years”
    • Says that Meehan would not vote for programs keeping our Pre-K programs open
    • Says that Meehan would vote with the NRA, and against legislation which keeps dangerous guns out of the hands of criminals
    • Says Meehan goes with ideology and rhetoric over “real needs”
    • Says Meehan would vote “no” against the small business lending act

Pat Meehan:

  • Defends his position by stating that Lentz bases accusations on “what he says” as opposed to what he actually stands for
  • Defended his career as a prosecutor stating it is not a “political” position
  • As District Attorney, he worked on things which made a difference in people’s lives
  • Says he brought together people of both parties, without any concern for party affiliation
    • Issues like violence in urban areas, along the Route 222 corridor, where he worked with Democrat mayors, and “others in the region” to look at solutions which resolved the issue they faced at the moment
  • People are out of work, have uncertainty about the future
  • “In fact, more parents believe that the future of their children is going to be less … less well for them than they had it themselves. That’s a staggering statistic to believe that we’ve lost the sense of confidence in the future of this country.”
  • Develop a “vibrant” economy based on the principles of a free enterprise.
  • Expressed his opinion of Lentz:
    • Stated Lentz wrapped himself around the very policies that Nancy Pelosi has been supporting since the very beginning:
    • Not just the health care bill, but the public option
    • The “job killing cap and trade” legislation
    • Billion dollar budgets that he has advocated … the kinds of things that have put us in in this economic situation
  • States that what we need in Washington right now is “genuine dialog” and it will not happen unless we have a Republican voice in congress

Factual analysis:

Obviously, voters can make their own choices based on the candidates performance:

For the video on YouTube, visit: Meehan/Lentz Debate Closing statements

Unfortunately, that version of the video is rather poor audio, for a higher quality version from the Lentz campaign, click here.

One comment

  1. the deficit for Obama’s first year was $100 billion LESS than the deficit for Bush’s last year, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a teabagger who knows that. The tax rate was LOWER under Obama’s first year than under any year for Bush, but again, it is so much more convenient to peddle a lie than the simple truth that Obama lowered taxes.