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Revised Media Borough Government Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

Nov 04

Revised Media Borough Government Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

This document was proposed by Jim Cunningham at the working meeting of Borough Council on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 as a revision to the Borough Ethics policy. Emphasis added for readability.

Revised Media Borough Government Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

Dated 10/21/2010

  1. Public office is a public trust and all appointed officials, officers and members of Borough boards and commissions are representatives of the Borough government. As such they must maintain a non-partisan approach to their service while functioning on any board, commission or committee appointed by Media Bough Council.
  2. No such member during their term of service should engage in any political activities involved the Borough of Media to include specifically contributing money or any item or service of value to a political party or organization which supports or sponsors candidates for office in the Borough of Media. No member should publicly advocate any position, sign any petition or participate in any activity that promotes or opposes any political issue involving matters than [sic] come before the board, commission or committee they serve on or involves candidates for election to political offices within Media Borough. Such members should not serve on any political party committee or in any political party position for any political party or organization that supports or opposes candidates in Borough elections. Nor should any such members involve themselves in public forums of Borough government agencies, boards or commissions or appear before public meetings within the Borough to advocate, oppose or support political party activity, candidates, elected officials or programs as an advocate or supporter of same.
  3. Appointed officials, to include officers of boards, commissions or committees and contracted professional service providers such as solicitors and consultants, must refrain from active political participation within Media Borough, and remove themselves from participating, deliberating upon, or voting on any issue before them that would constitute a conflict of interest with their official duties and responsibilities.It is understood that by accepting appointment to any Borough government board, commission or committee, including those making policy, rendering advisory opinions and recommendations and performing quasi-judicial services and actions, that violation of these requirements is grounds for official disciplinary action by Media Borough Council to include the issue of warnings, suspension from a board, commission or committee or removal from same after an appropriate investigation and public deliberation regarding such violations and abuses of the above ethical standards.


  1. Barry Sherwin /

    Mr. Cunningham’s proposals for changes in Media’s ethics rules do not – in my opinion as a non-lawyer – meet constitutional standards. I believe these proposals are a violation of the right to free association.

    It is also not practical from an enforcement point of view, but more importantly, it is restrictive of participatory democracy. You cannot separate politics from policy. We may not always like what this means, but it is the only system we have. It is only natural that elected officials are inclined to appoint people who share their policy positions.

    The business of these boards and commissions is open for every one in the community to have a voice. Transparency is the key, as everyone says. And the people have a right to vote for a change in the next election.

    Mr. Cunningham is trying to wish away politics. And I can empathize with that. But, it just isn’t that way.

    Barry Sherwin
    Former council member

  2. David J. Palmer /

    Why does Councilman Cunningham hate the American Constitution and the protection of free speech provided to citizens therein?
    The SCOTUS just decided that CORPORATIONS may donate UNLIMITED monies to political activities involving polititions deciding matters involving them, does Councilman Cunningham and the rest of his cabal feel that CITIZENS of Media should have less rights then corporations?

    • Barry Sherwin /

      A response the Mr. Palmer: I don’t think Mr. Cunningham is against the constitution per say. He sees his proposals as being constitutional.

      What we have here is the clash of individual perspectives. And democracy is meant to mediate these disputes. The majority deciding and the minority with rights of dissent.

      Politics is a range from non-violent resistance,social democracy,capitalist democracy, totalitairism,violence,terrorism and warfare.

      Media is a community and all of us should try and keep our politics as civil as possible.

      Barry Sherwin
      Former Council member

      • David J. Palmer /

        Well I would repeat my question. Does mr. Cunningham and the rest of the hunta that siezed power negating the will of the voting citizens of Media feel that Corporations…and for that matter, council ITSELF as he did NOT include council in this proposal,have MORE rights then the citizens of Media volunteering their time and services?
        Civilility went by the board when a couple of integrity chalanged council members joined with a couple of other integrity chalanged council members in secret to void the election and deny us our CHOSEN with our votes representation.