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Media Borough 2011 Candidates

Mar 14

Media Borough 2011 Candidates

The candidates for Media Borough Council were filed last week. This election year, three borough council seats are up for re-election:

  • Pete Alyanakian
  • Jim Cunningham (not running)
  • Peter Williamson

Republican Candidates

  • Pete Alyanakian (Incumbent)
  • Toni Cavanagh DiMonte
  • Tedman L. O’Hara

Brief synopsis of the candidates:

Democratic Candidates

Brief synopsis of the candidates:

  • Kent Davidson runs a local consulting business, Market Acumen, Inc, and is the owner and author of this site. He serves currently on the Technology Committee in Media. This is his first run for Borough Council.
  • Brian Hall is a Philadelphia personal injury attorney who represents injured persons and their families in complex personal injury litigation, working for Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg and Jeck, PC. He served on Borough Council from 2006 until 2010.
  • Roger Ricker is the public relations director at the Media Theatre. He previously served on the Media Business Authority, and regularly stars in Media Theatre productions, including the recent hit Annie starring Wanda Sykes. This is his first run for Borough Council.
  • Paul M. Robinson works for the PFM Group and was a former Vice-President of Borough Council. He serves as a board member of the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum, Rose Tree Media School District Education Foundation, the Media Youth Center and Youth Sports Council, and the Riddle Hospital HCI Board.
  • Peter Williamson is the Vice President of Conservation Services for Natural Lands Trust. He has served on Media Borough Council since 2006. Mr. Williamson serves as the Chairman of the Community Design, Finance & Insurance and Public Works & Infrastructure Committees as well as Liaison to the Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board.

Because there are five candidates for three positions, registered Democrats will have the opportunity to choose their preferred candidates for the general election in a primary scheduled for May, 2011.


  1. Eric Balsuda /

    I for one will be keeping an eye on Roger Ricker’s campaign. What we need is strong leadership and a no ‘nonsense’ attitude towards moving this community in a positive direction. I believe that Candidate Ricker is the man we MUST have on Borough Council. My vote is for Ricker!

  2. Robert Singleterry /

    The only candidate I recognize here by face is Roger because I see him walking the streets….but I don’t see any candidates addressing the issues facing the minority communities in town…

  3. Median /

    @Robert: Yes, unfortunately I agree. The Media Democratic party did approach several minority candidates, but unfortunately did not find anyone who was willing to run. Part of my focus is to recruit volunteers and future candidates who will represent the diversity of Media. If you know anyone, please let me know. In the meantime, we have the candidates on the ballot, and another election in 2 years where I feel like there will be opportunity for others to run as well.

  4. North of State /

    Robert, we have a “minority” president representing non-minorities, why can’t we have the opposite? Who’s stopping minorities from running in Media? What are the minority specific issues that aren’t or cannot be addressed by non-minorities?