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Williamson withdraws candidacy for 2011 Borough Council

Mar 23

Williamson withdraws candidacy for 2011 Borough Council

Borough Councilman Peter Williamson, who recently filed to be a candidate on the Democratic slate in the 2011 election, has withdrawn his candidacy in a press release given to Media, PA News. An excerpt is included here (Editor’s note: emphasis and links added):

I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for re-election to Borough Council. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I feel very strongly that it was the right one.

I started public service to Media in 1991, when I joined the Planning Commission. I was on the commission until six years ago, when I was appointed to Borough Council. After twenty years I am ready to try another kind of community service.

Media is a vibrant, healthy town, filled with intelligent, caring citizens. The opinions of one, or even seven Borough Councilpersons, cannot derail its progress…

This past year has been glaring in its divergence from the past two decades of public life in Media. Last summer a majority of your elected leaders used surprise to relegate me and two other elected Democrats to a minority position on Council. That same majority has since deposed several sitting citizen members of volunteer boards and commissions and has blurred our independence from the County’s system of influence and patronage …

I strongly believe that the Democratic Party in Media best serves the interests of local citizens. It represents the central public desires of all of us—to do what’s best for our neighborhoods, to maintain our unparalleled police officers and public workers, and to improve the already vibrant life of State Street. I urge you, if you are a Democrat, to vote for your preferred candidates in May, and as a citizen who cares about this town, to please vote for the Democratic slate in November.

To view his entire statement, download it here.


  1. Jane Valdes-Dapena /

    Thank you, Peter, for 20 years of dedicated service to our wonderful town. Thank you, Kent, for throwing your hat in the ring. Best of luck to both of you.

  2. P. O'Neill /

    “Depose”? “Relegated”? I thought politicians abandoned this type of hate speech when Rep. Giffords was shot. And how hypocritical, Peter, that you attempt to blame the “County System” (wink, wink, Republicans, oh no!) as some grand conspirators. In fact, what your downfall and now withdrawal was and is all about is your insistence that all decisions be made by the Media Democratic Party leadership. How Stalin-esque. Please try to understand – the residents of Media elected seven council members. Those seven Council members, pursuant to the law, organized themselves and elected a President. Those same seven Council members continue to vote on policies and appointments. Because you don’t get your way, every time, does not mean democracy has ended. Grow up and please do not tarnish your legacy.

  3. Northern Precinct /

    This is a loss for all of Media. Peter Williamson brought commitment, knowledge and grace to his council position. These are the qualities, completely separate from political partisanship, which are lacking in the recent majority votes.