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Media Borough Council Legislative Summary, March 17th, 2010

Mar 17

Media Borough Council Legislative Summary, March 17th, 2010

[Editor’s Note: Sorry for the delay in compiling this summary, it is from March’s legislative meeting]

The following outlines what happened at the Media Borough Council Legislative meeting on Thursday, March 17th:

Pete Alyanakian started the meeting by calling for a moment of silence in honor of the loss of resident Tom Flynn, who had passed away in the past month.

Public Comment

  • Kate York, a resident, from the Health Promotion Council asked to post signs in playgrounds and public spaces which say “Tobacco-free zone, Young Lungs at play” which would be posted at local playgrounds to discourage smokers from passing on 2nd-hand smoke to children. After some discussion, they pointed her in the direction of speaking directly to the school, or Pennsylvania Department of Health.
  • Michael Kinsley, Vice-Chairman of the Planning Commission, expressed his disapproval of the removal of Robert Yosua as President of Planning Commission, and added
    “Robert served for 10 years in a good capacity… he did an excellent job. I just want to say on record that I’m not sure he was treated fairly in his removal by council.”

Community Service Award: Bill Gross

The meeting then continued with Dawn Roe presenting the first quarterly community service award to Bill Gross, former owner of B. Gross Menswear on State and Jackson Streets in Media. He made a brief statement, saying that he lived in Media for over 80 years, adding, “The people have been very kind and great to us.” He was accompanied by his son, Barry Gross who currently runs B. Gross menswear, and his family.

New Engineer: Gilmore & Associates

Peter Williamson announced that they recently made a difficult decision to replace the borough engineer, F. Clark “Sandy” Walton of NDI Engineering with Robert Johnson from Gilmore & Associates Civil Engineering which is based in Kennett Square. He made a motion which passed 5-2 to appoint the new engineering firm.

Jim Cunningham and Pete Alyanakian were the two dissenting votes. Jim Cunningham spoke at length about how he believed that the engineering firm should be local and understand local issues. Peter Williamson retorted, saying:

“Civil engineering in Montgomery County is the same as civil engineering in Delaware County … it’s not as if he speaks French because part of his firm works in Montgomery County.”

Jim Cunningham and Pete Alyanakian supported the appointment of Kelly and Close, the engineering firm which represents Delaware County’s engineering issues.

1 West State Street

An announcement was made to sell 1 West State Street to Bluestone Development for $650,000. More information is discussed here and here.

Media Five Mile Race: June 17th

The date for Media Five Mile run was announced, and that over 1400 runners registered last year.

Other divided business

Jim Cunningham was the sole dissenting “no” vote for the following issues:

  • Approval of entering into an agreement with Native Energy for clean energy, such that 20% of our power comes from wind energy. Jim Cunningham voted against it because it wasn’t the cheapest option for energy, and didn’t want to burden the tax payers with a $1,270 premium for wind energy.
  • Approval of a Pension Joinder Agreement Amendment for Public Works Employees, which stipulates that after 35 years of service, they can retire at age 60. Jim Cunningham was the only dissenting vote.

Can we all agree? Sometimes.

  • For once all Borough Council members unanimously approved the payment of bills. Jim Cunningham typically opposes it if any 3rd Street Dam or CMAQ payments are due to be paid. (None were due this month.)
  • Unanimous approval to have Schnabel Engineering inspect the 3rd Street Dam for an updated survey
  • Unanimous approval remove the start date for Delaware Valley Health Insurance Trust proposal to allow borough to freely negotiate with prior health insurance provider.
  • Unanimous approval to renew the lease with Pitney Bowes for the postage machine in the Police department.
  • Unanimous approval to allow the D.C. Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children to hold their annual candlelight vigil in front of the court house on April 13th, 2011
  • Unanimous approval to approve a mass gathering permit for the State Street Blues Stroll on June 11th, 2011
  • Unanimous approval to approve a weekly mass gathering permit for Dining under the stars from Wednesday May 4th through September 28th, 2011.
  • Unanimous approval to dispose of or donate office computers and equipment, likely to be sent to Radnor School district.

Other discussions covered:

The meeting ended after about an hour and seven minutes.

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