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Media, PA Election Results Primary 2011

May 17

The unofficial election results for Media, PA voting precincts. Borough Council numbers differ from County numbers due to the lack of absentee ballots included in the totals, and were taken from the bi-partisan poll watchers at each polling place in Media. Other numbers were taken from the unofficial county counts.

Media Borough Council

The three Republican Candidates: Tedman O’Hara, Toni Cavanagh Dimonte, and Pete Alyanakian were all running unopposed in the primary, and “won” in the primary with Pete Alyanakian receiving the most votes (175 votes), then Toni Cavanagh Dimonte (162 votes), then Tedman O’Hara (146 votes). Unofficial totals can be found online here.

The votes in the democratic primary (which was contested) were as follows:

Candidate North South East West Totals
DAVIDSON, Kent 65 53 87 55 260
HALL, Brian 61 63 99 51 274
RICKER, Roger 30 34 36 16 116
ROBINSON, Paul 54 57 87 51 249

Additional county-wide races can be found online here.

School Board Races

On the Republican ballot, all Republican candidates (except the unendorsed Bartholomeo) won in the primary, by a 3-1 margin over the respective democrats, William J. O’Donnell placing first in the election with 1,956 votes, then Hanna, Fronduti, Guilday and Schneider (1,716). Next highest vote getter was Jim Coyne (D) with 751 votes, but he didn’t make the cut on the Republican slate, and did not eliminate any other Republicans in the race.

On the Democratic ballot, Janet M. Lis (1,339 votes) won, then John Nee (1,280 votes), and Jim Coyne (1,256 votes), then the republican candidates placed with an almost 3-1 margin, the next top vote getters were Schneider (519 votes), and O’Donnell (510 votes).

So, only the single Republican candidate who did not cross-file, Bartholomeo, will not run in the general election in November. Strongest candidates among both parties were William J. O’Donnell (2466 total), John Hanna (2,296 total), Elizabeth Schneider (2235), Nancy Fronduti (2198), then Jim Coyne (2007) and Janey Lis (1964), John Nee (1772). Chris P. Guilday did not cross-file, so Democrats did not have the opportunity to vote for him in their ballot, so his cross-party support is unknown.

Statewide races

Statewide, the following races were reported for Delaware county only:

Judge of the Superior Court

  • Vic Stabile (R) (18,653 votes) won over Paula A. Patrick (R) (11,029 votes) in the Republican Primary
  • David N. Wecht (D) was unopposed and will go on to the November general election. (15,615 votes)

Judge of the Commonwealth Court

  • Anne Covey (15,583) won over Paul Panepinto (14,197) in the Republican Primary
  • Kathryn Boockvar (13,015) won over Barbara Behrend Ernsberger (3,127) in the Democratic Primary

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

  • Christine Fizzano CannonJohn  P. Capuzzi  Sr.Spiros  E. AngelosG.  Michael GreenNathaniel C. Nichols all won the Republican primary, uncontested, with Christine Fizzano Cannon first with 25,310 votes and Nathaniel C. Nichols last with 20,660 votes, and.
  • On the Democratic side, Nathaniel C. Nichols, Michael  F. Schleigh, Sally Ann Heckert Bikin,G. Lawrence Demarco, and Christine Fizzano Cannon won on the Democratic side.

Essentially, all candidates for Judge will continue on in the general election, with Christine Fizzano Cannon and Nathaniel C. Nichols having the strongest majority among all candidates.

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and congratulations to the voters who came out despite the rainy weather.

As long as people are active and vote, our democracy will continue to work!


  1. Sandra Dorsey /

    I am a Democrate but when I tried to split my vote it took me awhile to do that. When I picked up my friends from the polls who tried to do likewise the people at the polls told them they couldn’t split their vote, but when they came outside and I spoke to one of the poll reps she said that wasn’t correct. I believe the votes for Judge Paula Patrick were sabotaged. People were not allowed to vote for her if they were registered Democrate. What happened to the democracy we are told we have in the US???

    • Median /


      Unfortunately, it is correct that you can not vote for Paula Patrick if you are registered Democrat. In going through a Primary myself as a candidate, I see how manipulating this part of the process can be. In my opinion, it ultimately reduces choices for voters when I personally am in favor of more choice. However, it’s the system we have now so we have to work within it.

      Ms. Patrick is registered Republican, so the Republican party gets to choose if she runs in the fall or not.

      In the partisan races, what it does is presents the strongest candidates in the fall, and avoids having votes split among too many candidates on either side. WIth our existing voting system, this helps, actually, both parties.

      In the non-partisan races such as Judge and School Board, it leaves room for either party to eliminate candidates on the other side, which can be confusing especially when many candidates campaign as both Democrats and Republicans. For voter who vote along party lines, it becomes difficult to determine who is who.

      For those who simply vote on the person, not the party, it’s less of an issue.

      Regardless, the process is imperfect, but the only way to fix it is to put good people back in there who will fix it for the voters, not for their party!

  2. Well,well. The scene is set for the first step in redressing the unethical, reprehensable and underhanded power grab by Mr.s Alyanakian and
    ANY Media voter who was unhappy with their votes being tossed in the trash bin by these gentlemen and their willing stooges needs to show up on election day for the general election and start to fix it. Then, next election, put a cherry on the Democracy sunday by getting rid of the two turncoats.