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Vote! Vote! Vote in the Primary Today, May 17th

May 17

Vote! Vote! Vote in the Primary Today, May 17th

Who? You! If you need help deciphering the ballot, here’s a guide to the Media, PA voting ballot.

Why? Local elections are decided by a few votes! Your vote matters!

When? 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM in Media, PA.

Where? Polling Locations from Media Democrats and from Media Republicans

Please exercise your right to vote, it’s the few times you get to be involved directly with which direction your town, county, state, or our country heads!



  1. Jane Valdes-Dapena /

    As one who knows well how important each and every vote can be, I echo Kent’s plea: Get out there TODAY and VOTE!

  2. Median /

    At 10:20 AM the voting numbers are: 38 Eastern, 20 Western, 20 Northern, and ~20 in Southern, so the future of Media’s 6000 residents and thousands of visitors will be decided by a few hundred people!