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Media Borough Council Working Meeting details, September 1st, 2011

Sep 01

Media Borough Council met at 7:30 on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 to discuss upcoming actions for the legislative meeting.

Executive Summary

  • New lights and signage on Balitmore Pike (CMAQ) may include assistive devices for hearing and sign impaired
  • Condos at 235 E. Jefferson Street are moving to Planning Commission after code review from borough engineer Bob Johnson
  • Lighting will be upgraded to be more environmentally-friendly in the Media parking garage thanks to a grant from Delaware County
  • Dawn Roe will propose making the dog leash laws stronger in Media
  • Hal Taussig of the Untours Foundation will be honored this month as part of the Media Borough Community Service Award.

Details Discussed

The Congestion Management and Air Quailty (CMAQ) project was discussed briefly during the Engineer’s Report, as Jim Cunningham asked whether the project would include signals which would enable seeing-impaired individuals able to cross. Monica Simpson also requested whether a visible countdown timer would also be installed to aid hearing-impaired individuals as well. Later in the meeting, it was revealed that new, larger, signage will also be a part of the project to enhance visibility of Media road names. Council will investigate installing hearing and vision-impaired assisting devices with PennDOT.

The recent suicide at Houtman park was mentioned briefly, with Councilman Eric Stein requesting that a public statement be made about the incidient without using the gentleman’s name, with Jim Cunningham and Pete Alyanakian diasagreeing, stating that it was not in Media Borough’s jurisdiction and it would not be something to publicize more than it already has been. The issue of safety in the park was discussed briefly as well, however all members were in agreement that this event was isolated and unfortunate.

An agreement was put forth to share resources (“Mutual Aid” ) with the Delaware County Sherriff’s office, however, it was determined that due to vague wording it would have to be rewritten before being accepted.

Apparently a car drove down the center of Dining Under the Stars about two months ago (according to Mayor Bob McMahon and reported by Jim Cunningham), however no council members or the Mayor were notified until recently. Council briefly discussed getting more sturdy barriers to block off the street, with Monica Simpson suggesting using similar barricades used during the Media 5 Mile Race.

Monica Simpson also requested of Mayor Bob McMahon (who oversees the police force) that many residents had requested more foot patrols by police during shifts, stating that cars on State Street ignored crosswalks and were hazardous to pedestrians.

The Media Theatre is continuing renovation, and recently was inspected by Monika Rehoric and Pete Alyanakian. Monica Simpson expressed her concerns regarding the state of some of the offices within the building, stating that they appeared to be in violation of fire codes.

Trader Joe’s has requested parking stickers for the top floor of the parking garage from Media Borough for 50 spaces, and asked for a discounted rate. The question was raised whether the borough can legally make deals with local businesses, or dedicate spaces to them if needed. Solicitor Bob Scott indicated that it was within the rights of the borough.

Delaware County has awarded a “Municipal Energy Conservation Grant” for $15,000 to retrofit lighting in the Media parking garage with more environmentally friendly lighting, which will be installed before the end of this year.

Peter Williamson indicated that new ordinance amending the “Steep Slope” ordinance, changes to the property maintenance code, billiboard and sign ordinances would be discussed in various committees this month.

A project to put in condos at 235 E. Jefferson Street had been negotiated with new Borough Engineer Bob Johnson, who outlined his discussion with Bob Linn Architects regarding the project. The project will then move on to the Planning Commission.

Finally, brief discussion regarding the Minimum Municipal Obligation for the borough’s contribution to the pension funds of borough employees. Each year, Media Borough has to contribute either a minimum amount which defers contribution down the road, or a higher amount which does not. Peter Williamson stated that the requirements by the state were relatively undemanding. Last year, Media borough made the minimum (lower) contribution amount to the pension funds.

Dawn Roe indicated that she will put forth an amendment to the borough code to require dogs to be on leashes at all times within the borough, stating safety concerns.

As well, Ms. Roe indicated that Hal Taussig, owner of Untours Foundation and the force behind Media being a Fair Trade Town would be honored with the Media Borough Community Service Award, however stating that due to health reasons he many not be able to attend the September legislative meeting.

Monica Simpson covered the preparations made by theĀ  Emergency Management committee for the hurricane last week, and briefly discussed the resignation of long-time borough employee Stephen Grasberger.

The meeting ended after 55 minutes. No public comment was given.

Afterwards, Media Borough Council held executive session to discuss a legal matter.

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  1. This informationg should be posted every month. Very helpful to the residents–to know what the
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