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Public Hearing for 3rd Street Dam Meeting tonight at 7PM

Oct 13

Glen Providence park's "frog pond" with a downed tree

Media Borough Council is holding a public hearing regarding the design for the 3rd Street Dam project this evening October 13th, 2011, at 7:00 PM.

Members of the Friends of Glen Providence Park have been meeting with the 3rd Street Dam committee to go over the design and options; and borough council has agreed to have a “final” meeting this evening to receive public feedback about the design.

The Friends of Glen Providence Park have been circulating a petition which actively requests public input into the design of the dam, as well as requests a pedestrian and bicycle access across the dam with emergency vehicle access only.

Many local organizations and schools have been promoting the meeting tonight, and it will likely be well-attended.




  1. TheRyck /

    I’m hoping both sides can walk away from the meeting feeling better about working together. There has got to be a few common goals we can achieve. Safety, preservation and convenience don’t have to be competing interests!

  2. Median /

    Agreed – there is a middle ground here (pun intended) where we can all find solutions which work for all parties. I’m hoping it stays civil and both sides are open to negotiation.