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Media, PA Election Results 2011

Nov 08

The unofficial election results for Media, PA voting precincts.

Media Borough Council

The winners of the election are: Brian Hall, Kent Davidson, and Paul Robinson

The Democrats swept through and won all three seats on Borough Council, ousting incumbent Republican President, Pete Alyanakian.

Candidate North South East West Totals
ALYANAKIAN, Pete 104 92 166 106 468
O’HARA, Tedman 104 85 161 107 457
CAVANAGH DIMONTE, Toni 89 85 149 99 422
HALL, Brian 209 241 264 221 935
DAVIDSON, Kent 198 233 254 212 897
ROBINSON, Paul 202 230 263 208 903

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and congratulations to the voters who came to the polls.

As long as people are active and vote, our democracy will continue to work!

County Election results are posted here.


  1. Chickadee /

    This is a significant margin of victory and a resounding rejection of Mr. Alyanakian’s actions and words of the past year.

    I welcome a group of good communicators — listeners as well as speakers — who will work with the community of Media. I sincerely hope that the tone of discussion will shift on council towards one of greater civility, openness to new ideas and thus positive productivity.

    Best wishes to Peter Williamson, who has always conducted himself with utmost graciousness and thoughtfulness, and despite the ugliness of the past year, never gave up his important work for the people of Media.

    • Paul Indorf /

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Looking forward to sincerely welcoming Ms. Roe and Ms. Rehoric to join the party.

  2. david palmer /

    It has taken FAR to long but the Big Lie of the Junta only seizing power with the help of two mercenary turncoats for the betterment of Media has been rather dramatically been laid to rest. The people apparently don’t like having their votes and wishes tossed to the curb to satisfy naked ambition. Now we only have to wonder what further white elephants and boondoogles of commitments this mob will saddle the citizens of Media with before they are shown the door.
    Looking forward to the NEXT election so the door on this tawdry affair can be finally closed.


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