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Breaking: Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting Now

Mar 05

Breaking: Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting Now

It’s a packed room at the community center for the Citizens Advisory Committee tonight. Please tune in on Verizon or Comcast public access.



  1. cynthia hartnett /

    I was unable to attend the meeting in person, but I did have the televsion. The audio did not work during most of the question period. Will the borough publish the questions, and answers?

  2. Median /

    Cynthia – Yes, thanks for asking about that. We did have audio problems due to a faulty wire; I personally will be looking into making sure that doesn’t happen again.

    The video of the meeting will be available, I’ll make a note to get that published in some form, and the notes from all members of the meetings will be posted by the CAC once they’ve had a chance to compile them.

    All in all, it was a good event and I’m glad to see so many residents participating. I’ll try and post updates as I become aware of them.

    • cynthia hartnett /

      Thanks for your reply! What is CAC?

  3. Median /


  4. I’m very interested in seeing a summary of this meeting. I also have been watching and waiting for the CAC survey, but haven’t received it. I understand the deadline is soon, so how can I get a survey and return it before the deadline?

  5. Median /

    If you haven’t received a survey, please contact the Media Borough Manager and request an extra survey. The Post Office says they delivered it to everyone in town, and really, we have no control over how they run their delivery. The piece was not individually addressed, so there’s really no way for us to determine why certain residents say they haven’t received it.

    Unfortunately, the bulk mailing the borough did looks rather nondescript and may have been mistaken for junk mail, or there’s a chance people may simply not have received it. The CAC has deliberated about it and felt the fairest way to go forward was to allow individuals who did not receive it to request another copy. If you get a copy and mail it by Monday at 5:00 PM, it will be counted.

    On a positive note, from what I’ve heard we’ve had an overwhelmingly large number returned for this type of survey so that really bodes well in terms of getting a sense of what the residents want to see happen there.