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Bastille Day Celebration July 14th

Jul 14

Media Arts Council (M.A.C.) kicks off a big Media weekend with their annual Bastille Day Celebration this Saturday, July 14th from 6:00PM -10:30 pm in downtown Media.

State Street will come alive with a reenactment of The Storming of the Bastille by the Hedgerow Theatre, visual arts demonstrations, professional theatre presentations, live music and dancing, children’s activities and crafts, and al fresco dining at several Media restaurants.

Bastille Day is a day in history, celebrated in France, that paved the way for artistic expression. Media’s Bastille Day is sponsored by: La Belle Epoque Wine Bistro, La Colombe¬†who make exceptionally good coffee, and the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union. For more information:

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    This wholevwebsite is painfully boring! I like that it gives another voice to media, but it is just so boring. I don’t agree with tedman on everything, but at least his blog and writing is interesting. This is just a total bore.