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Breaking: Judge blocks Voter ID Law in PA

Oct 02

From NBC News:

A Pennsylvania judge has blocked enforcement of the key section of a voter identification law which the state legislature enacted and Republican Gov. Tom Corbett signed last March, meaning that the law will not be in effect for the Nov. 6 election.

The PA Voter ID Law was enacted by the current Pennsylvania legislature. The head of the Pennsylvania Republican Party , Mike Turzai, was quoted as stating that the law would help Governor Romney win Pennsylvania.

Estimates for number of voters who lack adequate ID were around 750,000 Pennsylvania voters. Opponents have criticized the law as taking away the vote from the elderly, youth, legal immigrants, and groups which typically vote democratic.

Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law was the most restrictive in the country.

The good news for Media residents is that everyone in Media who is eligible to vote will be able to vote. If you encounter issues at the polls or poll workers asking for identification or refusing to allow you to vote:

Considering that when voting residents have to sign their name in a similar fashion, it seems like that provides an adequate deterrent against any evidence of voting fraud, which have been largely fabricated and exaggerated.

One comment

  1. I was glad to see the judge blocking this restrictive law. It was mainly meant to keep Democrats from voting and thus giving an advantage to the GOP. There really isn’t a real history of voter fraud in PA. I’m upset that my home state would stoop that low.{ I grew up in Media in the ’50’s and ’60’s and now live in Cape Coral, FL.) I enjoy your blog and wish you well in your political future.