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Local number 413 Protesting Mara’s treatment of workers [BREAKING]

Nov 29

Local number 413 Protesting Mara’s treatment of workers [BREAKING]

A group of workers are protesting the labor practices of local company Mara Restoration were demonstrating outside of the Delaware County courthouse complex garage. Mara Restoration is responsible for Phase I of the Delaware County Garage Restoration project.

Anthony Moss, Field Representative from Local 413, a union of Laborers’ International Union of North America (affiliated with the AFL-CIO) said:

“They had some of our laborers laid off because they said they were finishing the job … But they kept working, and they refused to hire them back.”

Local Number 413 Members protesting labor practices of Mara Restoration

Mr. Moss indicated we should speak with a Mr. Gene Rose at Mara Restoration for further comment. Media, PA News contacted Mr. Rose through the Mara Restoration phone tree, but Mr. Rose was unwilling to provide his position in the company, and solely stated “No comment.” He did indicate that I should speak with “Local 1” for “the real story.”

Mr. Moss says that Local 1 is a bricklayer’s union and stated, “There are two unions – laborers and bricklayers. We have a good relationship with Local 1, but the problem is that [Mara] is using Bricklayers for laborer’s work.”

The sign, illegible in this cell phone photo, says:

“Mara Restoration is unfair to Local 413.”

One comment

  1. Arlenia Moss /

    I am sure the situation is just as Mr. Moss stated. He is only trying to ensure employment for his laborer’s at Local 413. He is such a union,family man that he would never seek to hurt the members of Local 1 or any other union.