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March 7th Forum: Guns in America after Sandy Hook

Mar 07

The pressing topic of gun rights and gun control will be explored by expert panelists who represent a spectrum of views. Questions will be posed first by a committee of local students then by members of the audience. Participants and audience members will be expected to adhere to strict rules regarding civil discourse.

  • When: Thursday, February 18th at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Where: Media Community Center, 301 N Jackson St.

With panelists:

Event is sponsored by Democracy Unplugged

Democracy Unplugged is a multi partisan organization that has sponsored political debates and forums in Delaware County, Pa for over ten years. Events usually include questions from a student panel and from the public, and have been covered by various media outlets, including The Delco Times, The Philadelphia Daily News and public access TV. A list of recent forums is available online.

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  1. Sam B. /

    what a crock! that was not a panel discussion. it was a gun rally, run by a bunch of gon toting, chest thumping, NRA worshiping, zealots. That was not a balanced discussion at all. And that Mr. John… He knew nothing of the law, and just prattled off a bunch of right-wing talking points, with no ability to back up a think he was saying.

    should have stayed home and watched fox news. somewhat more entertaining. thanks for wasting my evening. [Editor’s note: removed profanity]

  2. Michael Jordan, Media /

    This comment is interesting, not just for what Sam says, but that Kent would let him post it. It drives the conversation.