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2013 Election: Results for Media Borough

Nov 05

Media Borough Democrats swept both Council and Mayoral races. County-wide, the Republicans retained all county-wide elected positions, including county judge positions. Local Deborah Krull won Magisterial District Judge.

The unofficial election results for Media, PA voting precincts, and county and statewide races. At time of writing, results from Media races are considered final, but unofficial.

We have displayed all races as of 11:39 PM.

Media Borough Council

Johnson, Johnson, Boyer, and Dixon have won Media Borough Council. 

The votes in the general election were as follows:

Candidate North South East West Totals
CUNNINGHAM JR, James J. (R) 113 121 207 143 584
REHORIC, Monika (R) 107 111 191 143 552
JOHNSON, Lisa (D) 209 239 316 246 1010
JOHNSON, Amy (D) 210 237 324 244 1015
BOYER, Kevin (D) 202 218 305 230 955
DIXON, Sayre (D) 219 225 297 233 974

Additional county-wide races can be found online here.

Mayor of Media

Mayor Bob McMahon retained his seat as Mayor of Media over local Media Republican Party chair Tedman O’Hara.

Candidate North South East West Totals
O’HARA, Tedman (R) 99 116 174 120 509
MCMAHON, Robert (D) 210 242 327 259 1038

Additional county-wide races can be found online here.

School Director Races

The Republican ticket narrowly won the race, with the lowest votes of Republican candidates (Barusevicius) was only 80 votes ahead of the highest votes (Lis) for the Democratic candidates.

Delaware County School District results.

  • Republican: Linda L. Fox (4376), Tracy Brown Barusevicius (3899), Harry L. Postles (4144), Nancy R. Mackrides (4077)
  • Democrat: Janet M. Lis (3819), Gargi Parikh (3354), Jim Coyne (3804), John Nee (3483)

It’s unclear if absentee ballots will make up the difference yet.

County Council

Republicans Civera and White won the race.

  • Republican: Mario J. Civera, Jr (55,525), David J. White (53,775)
  • Democrat: Bill Clinton (44,023), Patricia Worrell (44,004)

County Controller

Republican Edward O’Lone won.

  • Republican: Edward O’Lone (54,214)
  • Democrat: David Boonin (44,840)

Register of Wills

Republican Jennifer Holsten Maddaloni won over former Media Mayor and Council President Frank Daly.

  • Republican: Jennifer Holsten Maddaloni (54,891)
  • Democrat: Frank Daly (45,523)

Judge of the Superior Court

Republican Vic Stabile won with 53% of the vote.

PA State election returns for Superior Court:

  • Republican: Vic Stabile (52,811)
  • Democrat: Jack McVay Jr. (46,593)

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas

Republicans Mackrides and Capelli won.

  • Republican: William Chip Mackrides (52,908), Richard M. Cappelli (55,061)
  • Democrat: Nancy A Walker (45,862), Steve Chanenson (42,048)

Magisterial District Judge

Democrat Deborah Krull won.

  • Republican: Toni Cavanagh Dimonte (1,726)
  • Democrat: Deborah Krull (3,701)

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and congratulations to the voters who came out.

As long as people are active and vote, our democracy will continue to work!

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