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Media Elementary School Families organize and discuss 2012-2013 options

Mar 21

Media Elementary parent Amy Kleiman (with other parents) has formed a group called Media Elementary School Families to discuss the recent announcement that Media Elementary would likely be closed for the 2012-2013 school year. Read more on the Facebook group (open to all). Ms. Kleiman outlined what was discussed at a recent Parent Teacher meeting:

Mr. Wigo reiterated much of what he said last night. His top priorities are to keep the kids safe and together. His other top priority is to keep the school in the borough. It sounds like their first choice, and the site they are most actively pursuing, is BARRALL FIELD!

It seems like the modular school is the better option because with the other alternatives (Nativity or office space) there would be many code issues, and all systems would have to be brought up to code. Since this is for a relatively brief occupation, this is not worth it financially. With the modular classrooms, everything is already set up and up to code.

IF the Barrall Field option works out, they will basically construct a new school – Media Elementary, Barrall Field Campus – on the field. It would have all of the amenities of a traditional school. He brought up Springton’s library and modular classroom hallways as an example. Anyone who has seen the mods at Springton knows that these are actually very nice classrooms, so from a comfort perspective, this would probably be a very good choice. The proximity to Media is also ideal, especially since the teachers will have to move all of their stuff to the new classrooms. The district is meeting with the borough to see if this is a viable option. They are also meeting with representatives from Nativity and from St. Kevins to see if those would be options if the field doesn’t work out. He is also contacting Media Real Estate about other open space in the borough on which they could build the modular school.

IF they use Barrall Field, they THINK that there would still be some room on the field for recreational use (i.e., recess.) The playground WILL be available during the construction.

Superintendant of Rose-Tree Media School District Jim Wigo and the school administration of Media Elementary has discussed the use of:

  • Barrall Field as a temporary location for the school
  • Nativity BVM‘s location, if available and can be negotiated
  • Other open space, leased from Media Real Estate

Finally, school administration officials met with the Properties Committee (chairwoman Monica Simpson, Brian Hall, and Kent Davidson) from Media Borough yesterday afternoon to outline the options being discussed above, and request feedback from the borough regarding locations for the school.

The Barrall Field property is owned by the Rose-Tree Media School District and is leased back to Media Borough for recreational use in exchange for maintenance of the property.

More updates to come!

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  1. Meg MacCurtin /

    Thanks for the posting and for sharing the fb page created by the wonderful community of Media Elementary families. My family and I feel so fortunate to belong to such a great school district and such a caring school community.

    My greatest hope is that the modular school can be created at Barrall Field, as that would be the least disruptive option for our children. I look forward to hearing that the Barrall Field option has been approved/accepted.