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May 21: Primary Day – Please Vote!

May 21

May 21: Primary Day – Please Vote!

Tuesday, May 21 is election day – Media, PA polls are open from 7AM until 8PM. We will post election results this evening for Borough Council – so please stay tuned!

You can review the official candidate list on the Delaware County website, the summary for Media residents is show below.

Note that Voter ID is not in effect for this election. Unless you are a first-time voter at your polling location, you are not required to show ID. However, the poll workers may ask for ID and you should be allowed to vote if you refuse to show ID. Again, first-time voters must show a valid PA ID. To see your polling location, click the map below.

Of particular note is the election for Borough Council in Media, where two groups of candidates are competing in the Democratic Primary:

Election records show that of the Media First team:

  • Jim Cunningham switched from Republican to Democrat sometime between January and May of 2013
  • Monika Rehoric is a registered Democrat
  • Bill Tyson is a registered Republican
  • Sam Lemon is a registered Independent

The team is running as “tri-partisan.”

The Media Democrats Team:

  • Amy Johnson and Lisa Johnson (no relation) switched from Independent to Democrat sometime between January and May of 2013
  • Kevin Boyer and Sayre Dixon are both registered Democrat

Finally, voter registration records show that around 100 Republicans have switched parties between January 2013 and May 2013 from Republican to Democrat. The assumption is that it is solely to vote in the Primary, as it includes long-time Republicans such as Pete Alyanakian, members of the Pileggi family, and Paul Cavanagh (President of Broomall’s Lake Country Club) and family members.

Where to vote in Media

Where to vote in Media – click to enlarge

Locally in Media, you’ll get to vote for:

  • Judge of the Superior Court (Vote for One)
    • Vic Stabile (R)
    • Joseph C. Waters (D)
    • Jack McVay Jr. (D)
  • Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (Vote for not more than Two)
    • William Chip Mackrides
    • Steve Chanenson
    • Nancy A Walker
    • Rickard M. Cappelli
  • County Council (Vote for not more than Two)
    • Mario J. Civera, Jr. (R) (incumbent)
    • David J. White (R) (incumbent)
    • Bill Clinton (D)
    • Patricia Worrell (D)
  • Sherriff (Vote for one)
    • Mary McFall Hopper (R)
    • Rocco J. Polidoro (D)
  • County Controller (Vote for one)
    • Edward E. O’Lone (R)
    • David Boonin (D)
  • Register of Wills (Vote for one)
    • Jennifer Holsten Maddaloni (R)
    • Frank Daly (D)
  • Magisterial District Judge (Vote for one)
    • Deborah Krull
    • Lisa Haly
    • Toni Cavanagh Dimonte
    • Louis Martini
  • School Director
    • Linda L. Fox
    • Jim Coyne
    • Tracy Brown Barusevicius
    • Nancy R. Mackrides
    • John Nee
    • Janet M. Lis
    • Harry L. Postles
    • Meghan Suttle
  • Tax Collector
    • Robert Dimond (D)
  • Mayor
    • Robert A. McMahon (D) (incumbent)
    • Tedman O’Hara (R)
  • Borough Council (Vote for no more than four) (Note that all candidates filed in Democratic Primary despite registration)
    • Bill Tyson (R)
    • Monika Rehoric (D)
    • James J. Cunningham, Jr. (D)
    • Sam Lemon (I)
    • Kevin Boyer (D)
    • Lisa Johnson (D)
    • Sayre Dixon (D)
    • Amy Johnson (D)
  • Inspector of Election
    • William Kreider (D)

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