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3rd Street Dam Questions and Answers

Apr 24

The Media Democratic Committee posted a pretty comprehensive Question and Answer document on the Third Street Dam and its history. The piece is somewhat long, but answers the following questions from their point of view. Interesting read, and appears to be pretty factual. What’s the general timeline for events surrounding Broomall’s Dam? Why has it taken so...

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Third Street Dam debate continues, again

Sep 28

In order to get a somewhat balanced view of the last meeting, here’s articles (by this and other sites regarding Third Street Dam): Third St. Bridge discussion nears fever pitch (Delaware County Times) Media Patch report on 3rd Street Dam issue at September 20th Legislative Meetin Media, PA News report on 3rd Street Dam issue at September 20th Legislative...

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3rd Street Dam: Council votes One-lane, One-way Eastbound with Pedestrian Component

Sep 21

At last night’s legislative session, Media Borough Council voted 4-3 in favor of design parameters for the 3rd Street Dam: A width of 28 feet for the road and pedestrian surface A single lane of minimum width required by PennDOT with adequate drainage widths, one way heading west to east A buffer between the lane and the level pedestrian area Hiring a...

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Partisan Politics rears its ugly head, again

Aug 26

I don’t generally like to get into blog wars, but when I’m attacked personally, I feel it’s important to respond. Tedman O’Hara, author of the All Things Media, PA blog, has written a post accusing me of lacking transparency and conflict of interest with the 3rd Street Dam and Friends of Glen Providence Park. While I don’t read his blog,...

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